Podcast - Alt.Net Seattle and Craftsmanship

Ever wanted to know what happens at the Alt.Net Seattle conference? Well now you can find out by listening to a few of the guys who were actually there.  Paul Batum and Liam McLellan both made guest appearances on the Talking Shop Down Under podcast and talked about their experiences and thoughts.  Liam also talked about software craftsmanship and some of the practical things he did while he was in the US to improve his skills.  It's well worth a listen to, so head over to and have a listen

Virtual Oz Alt.Net - 12 Oct 09 - Connascence in .NET

The latest recording from the Oz VAN meetings is now up.  Mike Minutillo (@wolfbyte) talks about Connascence and what it looks like in the .NET world.


Virtual Oz Alt.Net 14 Sep 09 - Influence Strategies

Richard Banks presenting on strategies for influencing others, how they works and how they can affect you.



Virtual Alt.Net Aug 17 - JP BoodHoo's BootCamp

Thoughts and experiences from JP BoodHoo's bootcamp.



Recent Virtual Alt.Net Recordings

Viddler had a few problems which caused issues when uploading these recordings.  Apologies for the delays but it's all sorted now.

The following 2 recordings are:

June 22 - Ideals vs Reality.

What happens when the ideals we want to use in a software project bump up against the harsh reality of the commercial constraints placed on our projects?  Listen to this discussion and if you've got something to add, let us know on the mailing list!

July 6 - Linq and Events

Paul Batum shows how you can extend Linq to make the handling of events in windows apps so much nicer.  Well worth a viewing.



Do you want an Aussie Alt.Net Conference?

We’re currently trying to gauge the level of interest in having an Australian Alt.Net conference on the day before Tech.Ed AU.

Putting a conference together (even an open spaces one) takes quite a bit of effort so before we go down that path please help us out by responding to the poll on the site (it's in the right hand column).

Virtual Alt.Net 25 May 09 - Visual Studio Add-Ins and ReSharper

Hot off the presses comes the latest "Recorded LIVE!" session of the Australian Virtual Alt.Net meeting.  This time Richard Banks (@rbanks54) shows what he uses on his Visual Studio setup to help make himself more productive and efficient when coding.


A New Project for BDD - NGourd

In a recent Oz Virtual Alt.Net meeting (OzVAN) we talked about BDD, and coming out of it Michael Minutillo (@wolfbyte) went and got himself some inspiration to try and emulate ucumber for doing BDD in a C# world.  A few weeks have since pass by and lo and behold! NGourd is born.

Michael has a post about it on his blog which I recommend you read, or you can simply head over to the project site to have a look.

Michael also did a walkthrough of the current prototype at the most recent OzVAN meeting. You can see the video here.

If you're interested in making BDD a little easier for C# development why don't you go check it out.  And feel free to contribute something - I'm sure Michael would love some help.

Virtual Alt.Net 11 May 09 - Powershell and NGourd

Here are the videos from the most recent Australian Virtual Alt.Net meeting.

The first is a session on Powershell presented by Jason Stangroome (@jstangroome) and the second is on NGourd, a BDD framework for C#, presented by Michael Minutillo (@wolfbyte).




Virtual Alt.Net 20 Apr 09

It took a while, but the recording from our most recent Virtual Alt.Net meeting is now available here.

The topic for the evening was database deployments and covered tools such as Visual Studio database edition (aka DataDude) and Ruby based options